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Well known in several countries across the world, now, proud to introduce to the Indonesian Market, MANGO WATCHES.

Our watches are often associated with popularity and making its users to be more chic and fashionable. With the designs that are originated from the modern society, Mango Watches cater to the young ladies, as well as the middle age women.

Mango Watches are accessorized with two types of beautiful crystals. The crystals that are found outside of the dial are produced and certified by Swarovski Crystal, while crystals that placed on the dial are imported from Czech Republic.

In addition, Mango Watches only use the finest quality of pearls, which are called the Mother of Pearl (MOP). These pearls are gathered from the sea and add values to the quality of Mango watches.

With the bright shining crystals and the finest quality of pearls, Mango Watches proud to present its collections.

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